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Here at Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs we dont believe in hidden costs. The price we show on our website is the price you pay for everything. Here is a quick rundown of what is included with this hot tub.

Delivery and full installation.

Believe it or not many hot tub companies will simply leave your hot tub on the curbside or charge a small fortune for installation. We not only bring your hot tub to you but we also get your hot tub in to position, fill it up then fully commission the tub before giving you a full working demo. Every hot tub is bubbling away in your garden before our installation team leave.

Extreme hot tub cover.

When it comes to ensuring your hot tub has a small economical footprint your hot tub cover is the single biggest thing to take into consideration. We provide only the very best extreme hot tub covers, complete with steam strip, to ensure your hot tub runs at a level of insulation that cant be beat. Quite simply our hot tub covers are the best you can buy.

Cover Lifter.

Moving the hot tub cover on and off every time you use your hot tub and then finding someplace to store the cover when your hot tub is use can be difficult. We provide a free cover lifter that allows you to easily remove the cover with one hand and it neatly stores the cover for you at one side of the hot tub. Not only do we supply the cover lifter free but we fit it for you as well.

Easy access hot tub steps.

No hot tub would be complete without a set of hot tub steps to allow easy access. Our steps are UV resistant and designed to be slip free so not only do they look great, they also keep you safe while getting in and out of your tub.

2 x high quality Pleatco filters.

High quality filters keep your water clean while ensuring your hot tub pump gives out its highest performance. A cheap filter on the other hand will put strain on your pump and allow smaller debris to keep circulating in your water. We supply only the best Pleatco filters with every hot tub to ensure each and every customer has a hot tub that runs at its cleanest and best.

Chemical kit and and water care accessories.

Whether you use traditional chlorine, bromine or one of our new self sanitising systems we provide everything you need. Depending on your setup you will need PH balancers, test kits, bromicharge, chlorine or bromine, filter cleaner, no-foam. Everything is included with your hot tub.


Free mainland delivery and commissioning on every hot tub.

When you buy a hot tub from Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs you can be assured of professional installation by one of our in-house installation teams. All of our technicians are factory trained in all aspects of the installation and maintenance of our hot tubs and each hot tub we sell comes complete with free mainland delivery and commissioning, meaning our technicians will get your hot tub into position, fill the hot tub, carry out the required checks before giving you an easy to understand course on how to operate and maintain your new hot tub. Your hot tub will be bubbling away before our technicians leave your home. The complete installation service from start to finish and included with every hot tub.

How we deliver and install our hot tubs.

We deliver our hot tubs using a Spa Dolly which is an American system specifically designed for the delivery and installation of hot tubs. The Spa Dolly tips the hot tub onto its side on the spa cart which is pictured in the diagram. This then allows our technicians to wheel your hot tub into position. We then inflate an airbag, push the hot tub onto the airbag which then deflates and gently lowers the hot tub to the base provided. We have a fleet of vans and Spa Dolly's covering Scotland 5 day per week.

Delivery Access Requirements.

We require a clear run of around 1 metre wide from the roadside to the final position of your hot tub. when measuring please take into account gate posts, steps, over hanging fascias, boiler flues etc that may foul the access route. lf you think you may have an issue with the access route please feel free to email photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of intallation team will have a look and advise the best way around the problem.

Hot Tub Base Requirements

All of our hot tubs feature an Everlast tough one piece ABS self supporting plastic base which spreads the weight evenly over the whole area of the hot tub. This allows our hot tubs to be placed straight on to any firm, fiat and level base with slabs, concrete and decking all being suitable bases. lt is very important that your base is fiat as a twist in the base will put extra strain on the shell of the hot tub.

When planning where to position a hot tub you ideally want to have around 50cm clearance all the way around the hot tub to allow you access to operate the cover lifter and for cleaning. This will also allow our engineers access to every component of the hot tub should any sen/icing ever be required. lf you are planning to have decking around your hot tub this is not a problem but please ensure the 50cm of decking around the hot tub is completely removable. This is often achieved by fixing the decking boards with screws and using ‘joist hangers’ which are brackets that the joists are just placed into meaning they are easily removable.

Electrical Requirements.

Our Fusion F 1, Fx, F2, F3 models require a 32amp power supply with RCD protection. This is not a large supply by any means and is the same supply that is required for the installation of a cooker or shower.

Information for 32amp power supplies:
A 32amp power supply will require a RCD protected cable with a type C breaker to be be run to a commando socket located around 3 metres away from your hot tub. We also require the commando plug to be pre wired to SY Flex cable leaving an 8 metre tail. This extra long tail is to allow for the perfect siting of your hot tub.

lnformation for 13amp power supplies:
A 13amp plug and play hot tub will require a RCD protected socket to be situated 3 metres away from the hot tub. The hot tub will come complete with a cable and plug attached, ready to plug in.

What lf Access ls a Problem?

As not everyone has a clear run of around a metre we often have to use lorry mounted crane's to lift hot tubs over walls or high fences. lf you are concemed your access may be a problem please feel free to email us over photos along with your contact details and we will work out the easiest way to get a hot tub into place. The email address to send them to is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Fusion F2 comes with an outstanding warranty and back up service. The shell comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty and the other components are covered with a 2 year parts and onsite labour package. We have a technical support line open 7 days a week and a fleet of vans covering Scotland daily with each van carrying an inventory of parts allowing any fault to be fixed quickly and efficiently.


Along with the hot tub cover the insulation in your hot tub is the most important factor in keeping your electricity bills down. Our range of hot tubs feature the most state of the art and economical insulation technology available today.


Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs only sell premium branded American manufactured hot tubs that ensure both ourselves and our customers of a quality and reliable product. Our American partner has been manufacturing hot tubs for over 30 years and have one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. The information below will allow you to see that our Fusion models only contain the best and most advanced equipment available.

Everlast ABS Base

All of our Fusion models feature an Everlast 1 piece ABS moulded plastic base as standard. Many hot tub manufacturers use a plywood base which through time will rot leading to heat loss and moisture penetration. Other manufacturers nail a very thin sheet of plastic on to a wooden frame which still leave's a wooden frame exposed to the elements. Our Everlast base is neither, it is a quarter inch thick, reinforced, moulded plastic base with no timber exposed. Guaranteed to keep the water and dampness out. The base is then coated with insulating foam to prevent the heat inside the cabinet from escaping.

Component Mounts

As an added benefit of the everlast plastic base. Fusion models contain built in component mounts that assist in noise and vibration reduction. These mounts are strategically positioned around the base to accommodate the pumps, heater, control systems etc. An anti vibration gasket is then fitted to each mount before the components are fixed to the base to prevent any vibration noise. These components stands also serve as peak quality control measures, since only the correct parts fit and each pan must be installed in the exact same position and in the same fashion on every one of our Fusion hot tubs.

Pedestal Shell Supports

Another benefit of the Everlast base is that of the built in reinforced pedestal shell supports. All Fusion hot tub floors contain built in support structures that are strategically placed under key pressure points in the seating areas of the hot tub shell. These reinforced supports help to spread the load evenly and remove any strain on the hot tub shell when full of water and spa bathers.

Acrylic Shell

Each Fusion hot tub has a self supporting Lucite acrylic shell with Microban protection as standard. Lucite which began in the 1930's is one of The world's most recognised brands and their hot tub shells are virtually impermeable. With Microban antibacterial agent built in to the construction of the acrylic, the customer has the added sense of security. For strength, 3 layers of fiberglass are applied and then hand rolled on to the back of each shell making it incredibly strong indeed. World class mold design gives the peak comfort and stunning looks that you see in our Fusion range of hot tubs.

Pressure Treated Frame

A solid pressure treated wooden frame forms the perimeter support for the hot tub. Inhouse master carpenters assemble these frames and corner supports to form a strong and durable structure. It also creates a strong fixing for the maintenance free cladding that surrounds the hot tub. Our unique patented Therm Xtreme insulation system is then fixed to the frame creating a extreme thermal seal to ensure Fusion spas can operate in the coldest climates of Canada whilst offering minimal running costs for the spa owner.

Maintenance Free Cabinet

Each Fusion hot tub has a synthetic maintenance free cabinet as standard. Available in American Heritage which is a dark brown colour or warm grey, these cabinets provide a truly stunning finish to the hot tub. This material is fully weather resistant and much more durable than a plastic or wood surround. It does not warp. twist or split like other materials and will keep the hot tub looking like new for years to come. A UV coating is applied to prevent sunlight or the chemicals in the water causing any discolouration.

Balboa Control System

All Fusion models use Balboa control systems, the Rolls Royce of hot tub control systems. Balboa are industry leaders and their equipment offers unrivaled reliabilty. The Spa pack (pictured) is the heart of the hot tub and controls all of the spas components such as the pumps, heater, LED lighting and Bluetooth Streaming etc. Without doubt the Balboa system is an enviable and outstanding piece of hot tub equipment.

Balboa Touchscreen Topside Control Panel

As part of the Balboa control system our hot tubs use the Spatouch touchscreen topside control unit (pictured). The Touchscreen control is very user friendly and works exactly the same as a modern day mobile phone. The touchscreen allows you to easily turn on/off the pumps, control the multi-colour changing lighting, adjust the temperature of the water, control the Bluetooth Sound system and set filtration times etc. The temperature will show on the screen at all times and filtration times are automatically stored meaning all you have to do is enjoy your hot tub.

5HP Twin Speed Pump

Each Fusion hot tub boasts a very powerful 5HP twin speed pump as a standard first pump. Because of its strength, our high pressure twin speed pumps can push average of 200 gallons a minute. The large 56 frame motor operates in conjunction with the adjacent wet end to be more efficient in airflow and to help achieve perfectly balanced water pressure through each jet. This pump has both a high and low speed which allows the spa user to have a soft, gentle massage or a powerful massage, all at the touch of a button.

High Pressure 230 Pump

Like it's dual-speed counterpart our high pressure 230 pump is a very powerful pump that operates in the same fashion. The only difference being it is a single speed pump that pushes a huge average of 230 gallons a minute at a constant peak rate The high pressure 230 pump is an excellent second pump that compliments the dual speed pump very well indeed. This pump can found as a second pump on our Fusion F1, FX and F2 hot tubs.

Stainless Steel Jets

Fusion models come with premium 316 stainless steel jets as standard. A wide variety of jet types and sizes are used to give the ultimate hydrotherapy experience for the spa user. We have directional jets that target deep tissue massage, rotational jets that spin giving a soothing massage over a larger area and our powerstorm jets which work much like a shower head. A variety of these jets types are used in each seat as well as having different jet positions which allows bathers to get a different type of massage as they move from seat to seat.

50 Square Foot Filtration

All Fusion F Series hot tubs feature a 50 sq ft filtration system with vein channels. The flter housing has been designed with easy access in mind. Turning the filter housing a quarter turn reveals the skimmer basket that will gather any large debris before it gets to the filter itself. Lift out the skimmer basket and you will see the tough, reusable hot tub filter, The filter requires rinsing out every two weeks with a garden hose and once a month left to soak in overnight in filter cleaning solution. A clean filter is the most important factor in keeping hot tub water clear and the filter should be replaced every 12 months.

Comfort Pillows

Comfort pillows are fitted as standard on all Fusion acrylic models. These pillows are contoured to cradle the head and neck comfortably, with enough cushion to complement everyone's shape and size. The pillows simply fix to the hot tub by studs that are molded into the shell of the hot tub. You may notice that not every seat has a comfort pillow. This is due to some seats being cool down seats that slightly raise the spa user out of the water that little bit therefore a pillow is of no use.

Air Diverter Controls

Ergo Zoned manifold air controls are ergonomically positioned within reach of each seat on our Fusion F series. These LED illuminated controls allow the spa user to control the water pressure coming through the jets in that particular seat. It works by controlling a boost of air that adds pressure to the water flow coming out of the hot tub jets. Simply turn it on for a powerful massage and off for a gentle massage with only water coming through the Jets.

Bluetooth Music System

A Balboa BBA Bluetooth sound system complete with sub-woofer comes as standard on all Fusion Fx. F1. F2, F3 and Calypso models. Widely popular whether you own an iPod or generic MP3 player, this system is as easy to use as your music player. Simply connect your device by bluetooth and you can then control the volume and tracks by using the touchscreen control pad on the spa to enjoy listening to favorite songs whilst you enjoy your hot tub session. This system is the Rolls Royce of music systems and is supported by a powerful sub-woofer and two waterproof speakers to give the ultimate clarity and bass sound.

LED Hot Tub Lighting

All of our hot tubs come with multi-colour changing LED lighting as standard. This creates a visually stunning and tranquil bathing environment that can match its colours to your mood. The lighting is fully controllable from the topside control and can be set to stay on any colour, change colour automatically or even strobe. The Fusion F Series come with lights in the foot-well, around the seats around the perimeter of the hot tub along with LED cup-holders which will light up your drinks holder. The Fusion Calypso & Rx have one large high intensity lens in the foot-well that beams the light across the hot tub.

Extreme Hot Tub Insulating Cover

All of our hot tubs come with an extra thick, insulated 5‘ tapered hot tub cover that traps the heat in and prevents any debris from going inside the hot tub. The cover's are tapered to allow rain water to run off and are fully lockable to prevent children from gaining entry to the hot tub. Straps are located on all four sides of the cover and our engineers will fix the locks to the cabinet. Fusion FX, F1, F2. F3. Calypso and RX models come with a cover lifter as standard. This allows the cover to be removed using only one hand and it also stores the cover while the hot tub is in use.



Mr & Mrs Easton, Inverness

We would like to say a big thanks to everyone at Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs for our new Fusion F2. It was a pleasure to deal with your company and the service we received from ordering through to installation was second to none. The tub itself is brilliant, it has been well used by the whole family and we would recommend it to anyone. The tub has made a big difference to my sore back and the kids just love it.
Thanks again for all your help.

Paul Anderson, Peterhead

Hi Colin
Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the great deal and professional installation of rny hot tub last week. The two lads that installed the tub were really helpful and they made it look easy. We are really enjoying the tub and can't wait to show it off to our friends.
Thanks again
Paul Anderson

Mr & Mrs Whitton, Lockerbie

After doing some research on hot tubs I called Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs for some advice. Scott was very helpful and I decided to apply for interest free credit. Within five minutes my application was approved and a delivery date was agreed. The installation team were brilliant, nothing was a problem to them and they explained how everything worked and how to do the chemicals.
An excellent company to deal with from start to finish.