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Low stock - Reserve your Phelps 8

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MasterPur Water Care System

Let the spa do the work for you. The MasterPur Water Care System produces and maintains fresh, natural, beautifully clear spa water. The system uses a powerful germicidal UV light – a powerful natural sanitiser proven by its use in extensive commercial applications. With MasterPur, the UV light is combined with two other natural sanitisers, ozone and copper & zinc. Collectively these organic sanitisers eliminate toxins and bacteria found in spa water, vastly reducing water maintenance, making dependency on heavy chemical use a thing of the past.

Main Hot Tub Features

Super Comfy
Seating Design.

Our hot tub shells are made using the latest moulding technology. This technology allows the creation of seat designs that are truly built for maximum comfort and hydrotherapy benefit and minimise the effects of floating. You will be hard pushed to find anything near the level of comfort and relaxation found within our hot tubs.

Balboa colour Touch
Screen Technology

Our colour touch screens make hot tub control as simple as possible. Utilising a big bright screen and a simple user interface our control panels are designed so they can be used fully without any learning curve at all. Situated at the top of your hot tub with rotating screen feature so the control panel can be just as easily used inside or outside of the hot tub.


Each seat has its own unique jet configuration and each seat can be configured in a number of ways; individual jets can be turned on and off while overall power to each seat can be adjusted. Combined with varying pump speeds the hydrotherapy customisation in our hot tubs ensures you will have the perfect hydrotherapy massage for your specific needs.

MasterPur Water

MasterPur water management system is a synergistic blend of proven sanitisers which maintains crystal clear spa water. MasterPur works by combining Ozone along with a germicidal UV-C light which purifies your water by streaming out toxins and chloramines.

Synthetic and UV
Safe Cabinet.

Our hot tub cabinets are second to none. UV resistant panels ensure your hot tub will still look great as the years roll by while the synthetic finish allows for easy wipe-clean maintenance to keep dirt and grime at bay with the minimum of fuss.

Energy Efficiency.

The Phelps 8 exceeds the strict standards set by the CEC: Californian Energy Commission. Very few spas, or indeed manufacturers, are able to meet these exacting standards which translate to super-efficient energy retention values and low daily running costs.

Balboa WIFI
Hot Tub Control

Our hot tubs come with a smartphone app that allows you to control all the hot tub functions from anywhere in the world. Prepare the perfect temp for that guest who likes it cool or adjust the temperature while you are away on holiday. The WIFI app is a surprisingly useful feature you will soon not want to be without.

LED Light Show.

The Phelps 8 hot tub has multi-point colour changing LED mood lighting, lighting built into the water features and pillows as well as light-up cup holders that bring this hot tub to life at night. The hot tub shell glows in a truly spectacular display of therapeutic atmosphere that will relax and amaze

Amazing Bluetooth
Sound System..

Play your own music collection via the hot tub sound system using the bluetooth functionality built into the spa. Manage your tracks right from the touchscreen control panel and play them through a sub-powered sound system that produces a thick, warm high quality sound an audiophile would be proud of.

Over £1100 Worth
of Extras Included Free!.

The Phelps 8 comes complete with over £1100 of extras completely free.
Free Mainland Installation Worth £299.00
Free Cover Worth £449.95
Free Cover Lifter Worth £149.00
Free Spa Steps Worth £99.95
Free Chemical Kit Worth £105.00

Manufacturer Warranty.

The Phelps 8 comes with an outstanding manufacturer's warranty and after care service.
The warranty on the Phelps 8 is
7 Year shell warranty
5 Year No Leak warranty
5 Year Components warranty
5 Year Labour warranty

A Hot Tub Built
By a Global leader

The Phelps 8 is built by Master Spas, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. Operating out of a state-of-the-art 27 acre manufacturing campus, they are one of the largest portable spa and hot tub manufacturers in the USA. The management team at Master Spas has over 100 years of spa manufacturing success.


10 reasons to choose Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs

  1. Our hot tubs are built by two global leading hot tub manufacturers, Watkins Wellness, USA and Master Spas USA to give you piece of mind knowing you are buying a quality, energy efficient product that has been built by the best.
  2. We are a well established company and have been supplying quality hot tubs throughout Scotland for over 10 years.
  3. 0% Interest free finance available on all models with no deposit required. You can also put a deposit down to get the right monthly payment to suit you.
  4. No hidden charges - every hot tub is fully installed by our in house technicians and each tub comes complete with over £950 worth of extras free!
  5. For non finance sales we only require a £95 deposit to reserve your tub and installation date with the balance only being due when our team arrive on the day of installation.
  6. Large Showroom open 7 days a week with every model on display for you to view along with a wide range of chemicals and accessories
  7. Our technical support lines are open 6 days a week and we have a technical support website with watercare videos, the answers to our most common questions and much more. Customers can visit this anytime and anywhere for piece of mind.
  8. We have a fleet of vans covering Scotland daily with each van fully stocked with parts meaning any issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  9. Our purpose built online chemical store allows you to order all your chemicals and accessories in the future easily and quickly with next day delivery when possible.
  10. Our customers rate our service as 5 star on independant review platform Feefo

The Phelps 8 is proudly manufactured by Master Spas, USA

Master Spas is the global leader in hydrotherapy technology and build quality with a gold standard of manufacture. Master Spas luxury acrylic hot tubs are as good as any you will see anywhere and this is a company that understands hydrotherapy like no other. That's why the worlds most decorated Olympian - Michael Phelps with 28 Olympic medals - works with Master Spas to create the ultimate training machines. Be sure to check out our Michael Phelps 8 Signature hot tub if you want to see the very pinnacle of the hot tub world.

Showroom open 7 days a week


We have a large showroom open 7 days a week with every model on display, many with both running and empty displays to allow customers to see the internal layout of the hot tub, the build quality and the performance. We also have a large range of chemicals and accessories and our friendly no hard sell staff will be more than happy to show around and answer any questions that you may have.


Free mainland delivery and commissioning on every hot tub.

When you buy a hot tub from Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs you can be assured of professional installation by one of our in-house installation teams. All of our technicians are factory trained in all aspects of the installation and maintenance of our hot tubs and each hot tub we sell comes complete with free mainland delivery and commissioning, meaning our technicians will get your hot tub into position, fill the hot tub, carry out the required checks before giving you an easy to understand course on how to operate and maintain your new hot tub. Your hot tub will be bubbling away before our technicians leave your home. The complete installation service from start to finish and included with every hot tub.

How we deliver and install our hot tubs.

We deliver our hot tubs using a Spa Dolly which is an American system specifically designed for the delivery and installation of hot tubs. The Spa Dolly tips the hot tub onto its side on the spa cart which has steering front and rear to allow our technicians to wheel your hot tub into position on its side. We then inflate an airbag, push the hot tub onto the airbag which then deflates and gently lowers the hot tub to the base provided. We have a fleet of trucks, vans and Spa Dolly's covering Scotland 5 day per week.

Delivery Access Requirements.

We require a clear run of around 1 metre wide from the roadside to the final position of your hot tub. when measuring please take into account gate posts, steps, over hanging fascias, boiler flues etc that may foul the access route. lf you think you may have an issue with the access route please feel free to email photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of intallation team will have a look and advise the best way around the problem.

Hot Tub Base Requirements

All of our hot tubs feature an Everlast tough one piece ABS self supporting plastic base which spreads the weight evenly over the whole area of the hot tub. This allows our hot tubs to be placed straight on to any firm, fiat and level base with slabs, concrete and decking all being suitable bases. lt is very important that your base is fiat as a twist in the base will put extra strain on the shell of the hot tub.

When planning where to position a hot tub you ideally want to have around 50cm clearance all the way around the hot tub to allow you access to operate the cover lifter and for cleaning. This will also allow our engineers access to every component of the hot tub should any servicing ever be required. lf you are planning to have decking around your hot tub this is not a problem but please ensure the 50cm of decking around the hot tub is completely removable. This is often achieved by fixing the decking boards with screws and using ‘joist hangers’ which are brackets that the joists are just placed into meaning they are easily removable.

Electrical Requirements.

The Phelps 8 requires a 40amp power supply with RCD protection. This is not a large supply by any means and is the same supply that is required for the installation of a cooker or shower.

Information for 40amp power supplies:
A 40 amp supply using 6mm steel wired armoured cable with local isolation via rotary isolator, terminated with a 8 metre tail. A 40 amp breaker is required. The supply should feed directly from a suitable source (typically your domestic fuse box) to the rotary isolator which is typically mounted 2 metres from the spa area. A 8 metre 'tail end' is required from the isolator to the spa - the tail is 'hard wired' to the spa by our engineers. Please note; the long tail is required to allow perfect siting and orientation of the spa. If cable is longer than 30m a 10mm core steel armoured cable will be required.

What lf Access ls a Problem?

As not everyone has a clear run of around a metre we often have to use lorry mounted crane's to lift hot tubs over walls or high fences. lf you are concemed your access may be a problem please feel free to email us over photos along with your contact details and we will work out the easiest way to get a hot tub into place. The email address to send them to is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Phelps 8 comes with an outstanding warranty and back up service. Master Spas provide a 5 year parts and onsite labour package. Our technical support line is open 6 days a week and we also have a technical support website complete with videos and all the answers to the most common watercare and technical queries available 24/7. We support this with a fleet of vans covering Scotland daily with each van carrying a full inventory of parts allowing any fault to be fixed quickly and efficiently.


This bullet list covers the most important aspects of the Phelps 8 hot tub. Of course if you require any other information please feel free to call using the number at the top of the page.

  • Shell Dimensions: 94" x 94" x 38" (239 x 239 x 97)
  • Dry Weight: 603kg
  • Filled Weight: 2658kg
  • 6 Seater Spa (1 Lounger).
  • Designed & Constructed in the USA.
  • 3 x 6HP Balboa Therapy Pumps
  • 1 x Balboa Circulation Pump
  • 70 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • MasterPur™ Self Sanitising System
  • Waterproof Media Tablet System
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • LED Pillows
  • LED Drinks Holders
  • Cascade Waterfall
  • Ergonomic Shell Design
  • Balboa heating system
  • Balboa Intuitive colour control panel
  • Synthetic maintenance free cabinet
  • LED underwater lighting
  • Premium Cover with Child Safety Cover Locks
  • 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Inclusive Cover Lifter
  • Easy access steps
  • Comprehensive Chemical Kit
  • Full Nationwide Delivery & Installation